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40+ Performance Improvement Plan Templates & Examples

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Visit our privacy policy , cookie policy and consent tool to learn more. They are designed to give an employee a chance to improve and can often be interpreted as a warning that dismissal is a likely outcome if improvement is lacking. The following are illustrative examples. Customer Service A customer service representative had low customer satisfaction scores and several customers directly complained about her performance. In order to improve performance, identify specific and measurable steps.

The Performance Improvement Plan That Will Transform Your Company

By defining them in detail, ensure that the employee understands the expectations clearly. Furthermore, make sure that the expectations are reasonable and achievable within the assigned time period. Finally explain to your employee how they can improve when you meet them. Establish periodic review dates and identify how long the performance improvement plan will last. Depending on progress, this time period may be anywhere between one and six months. However, you may extend a PIP in extreme cases. Review the PIP by meeting with the employee. The employee must be aware of what will be reviewed.

How to Create a Performance Improvement Plan

This is something managers must ensure. The manager and employee should sign the performance improvement plan once the changes to the plan have been made. Apart from the formal PIP review meetings, managers should schedule monthly follow up meetings with the employee as this will ensure active contact with the employee or team member.

After meeting with the employee, managers should document improvement being made toward the expected outcome s or continued areas of weakness in the performance improvement plan. Furthermore, you must state the support management will provide. Examples are job shadowing or mentoring and arranging seminars and off campus classes. Also, request your employee to identify the resources they believe might be helpful when you meet them. Your performance improvement plan should clearly state the consequences of not meeting expectations. The consequences may include temporary job suspension, loss of privileges, extending the PIP for another specified period or termination of employment.

Understanding the gravity of the situation is important for the employee.

HR Basics: Performance Improvement Plans

In simple terms, your PIP should be specific and must provide the employee a reasonable opportunity for success. Therefore, you must update the plan and provide the updated document to the employee prior to each PIP review meeting. You need to determine whether or not the performance improvement plan was successful once it has been completed.

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It is important that you do everything in your power to help the employee succeed. As a manager, you should take an appropriate course of action such as temporary job suspension, loss of privileges, extending the PIP for another specified period or termination of employment if the employee refuses to commit to the action plan or is unable to improve. On the other hand, you should allow the employee to continue employment and formally close the action plan if he or she responds positively by meeting the objectives. This may take place before the deadline mentioned in the performance improvement plan document.

In order to help you better understand PIP, we will look at a performance improvement plan template. Prior to preparing PIP, you must consider the following guidelines:. This section should reveal that problem area s of the employee that needs to be improved or rectified. This section lists the resources available to the employee to complete his or her Improvement activities:.

This section should include the performance standards that an employee needs to accomplish in order to demonstrate progress towards achievement of each improvement goal.