Heart of the Diamond

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  1. Titanic: The true story of the real 'Heart of the Ocean' necklace - Washington Times
  2. Seriously, Why Did Rose Throw That Necklace Into the Ocean?
  3. The resemblance between The Hope Diamond and the Heart of the Ocean
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Titanic: The true story of the real 'Heart of the Ocean' necklace - Washington Times

They applied a microwave and a radio wave to the wire to build an oscillating magnetic field around the diamond. They shaped the microwave to create the optimal, controlled conditions for the transfer of quantum information within the diamond. Irregularities inside of diamonds are caused by what scientists call a nitrogen-vacancy center — where there should be carbon, there is not. Credit: Yokohama National University.

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Photons are basic units of light that can be used to exploit a funky phenomenon called quantum entanglement in order to facilitate a type of communication called quantum teleportation. Much like the science fiction version of teleportation, where physical matter is transported through space without traversing it, quantum teleportation involves sending information to one atom in an entangled pair, where it automatically ends up reflected in the other. Especially in the Yokohama University study , where sending a photon into an inaccessible space using quantum teleportation represents the bedrock for what could eventually become a completely secure, distributed quantum computing network.

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Seriously, Why Did Rose Throw That Necklace Into the Ocean?

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Same diamond, different meaning

Discovered in the 17th century, the table-cut, heart-shaped diamond from India is inscribed in the Persian Language with Arabic characters. The heart-shaped diamond was made famous by Richard Burton, who gifted the creation to his wife, Elizabeth Taylor on her 40th birthday.


The Argyle Amour Diamond is truly a masterpiece. The extraordinary heart-shaped diamond weighs 2.

The resemblance between The Hope Diamond and the Heart of the Ocean

The rare beauty of the pink diamond has captured the hearts of many over the years. Made a cult classic by the film Titanic, this creation remains one of the most beloved heart-shaped diamonds of all time. In the film, the blue heart-shaped diamond was previously owned by Louie XVI and was cut and polished after the French Revolution.

For more fascinating facts about the Hope Diamond click here.

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A heart-shaped diamond is without a doubt one of the most romantic cuts in history. Discover the integrate diamond cutting process and the amount of skill that goes into creating a heart-shaped diamond at the Cape Town Diamond Museum. Book your personally guided tour today.

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