At Docks End: Poems of Lake Nebagamon, Volume Two: 2

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They bring back lots of laughs, a few tears, and always a smile. Planning on being there in 10 years. Trying to convince my one grandson to check out CN. Thanks for all you do. He now splits time between Springfield — where he frequently sees Jamie Myers Springfield 61, 66 —and Scottsdale. Though we sorely miss our St.

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Louis roots, we have been happy in our new home, even when snowbound part of the winter. We have a roomy apartment in a small 90 units senior facility in Minneapolis—the Waters on 50 th,. It is in an attractive urban setting, provides excellent programming, cultural and fitness opportunities, and we have found some fine new friends here.

Our exodus to our Lake Nebagamon home remains the same.

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We plan to be there from mid-May to early October. The Keylog obtained a letter from school directors at Blake School in Minneapolis announcing the official retirement of Frank Sachs St. But he reports he has cherished his time in the social studies classroom the most, teaching Constitutional Studies, AP Government and U. History electives. Dan Polster Shaker Heights, OH , a federal district court judge in Cleveland, Ohio since , recently corresponded with Nardie and Sally Stein about his current role overseeing Multidistrict Litigation a special federal legal procedure designed to speed the process of handling complex cases brought by cities, counties and Native American tribes against the manufacturers and distributors of prescription opioids.

My colleagues asked me to take this assignment, most likely because Ohio is in the epicenter of the opioid epidemic and I had previously handled a large MDL. While I knew it would be incredibly difficult, I said yes. I was raised to believe that not succeeding is not failing, but not trying is. Photo discovered in the archives of Camp Nebagamon. I was 11, Bob was I never forgot you. Bud became an insurance broker. Alan became a pediatrician.

But Haspel and Simon? They became a songwriting duo at the heart of a garage band called Randy and the Radiants Randy on guitar and lead vocals; Bob on rhythm guitar.

Randy started his own music publishing company and has continued to write and play music, publishing over songs. He airs two radio programs in Memphis. Keep us posted! You can send life updates to Louis Levin in the Camp Nebagamon office louis campnebagamon. Jim Cornbleet St. Henry Dubinsky St. You can read it here. Evolutionary biologist Jonathan Losos St.

Louis has been inducted into the National Academy of Sciences.

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  6. In , he became the founding director of the Living Earth Collaborative, a partnership between Washington University St. Louis is an environmental health and safety coordinator for Millipore Sigma in St. Outside I Can is a storytelling campaign partnering with national companies to inspire people across the country to see themselves in the outdoors.

    To learn more, click here ,. Amundsen-Scott Station really is at the South Pole give or take a couple hundred feet. Due to its position on the planet, the sun only rises and sets once a year at the South Pole. It rose Sept 23rd this year, and will set sometime in March. Temperatures range from cold to really cold. Average annual temp at South Pole is F.

    In high summer, temps get to around F. Highest temp ever recorded was 9. I bought a lot of nice long underwear. There will be approximately people at the station, which is mostly one big building. The bathrooms are shared. This was the dreaded plane on skis. The landing was smooth, and then we were here! The airfield is pretty close to the station at South Pole, which is good because it was approx F when we landed, with windchill that made it feel like F.

    Yesterday I finally braved the cold again so I could take my first pictures at the geographic South Pole.

    Wisconsin Historical Markers and Sites

    The actual pole is the small rod in front of the big white sign. Almost everyone is off, though there are some science experiments that require daily tending. The topics of conversation have recently ranged from beard oil vs wax, to why moist is an icky word, to how my friend ended up getting his toe amputated last year. Meals with medical professionals are not for the weak of stomach. Another excellent Sunday tradition: the sauna. Other than the conversation, the best thing about the sauna is the humidity. The temperature is approx F in that photo, and it felt sooooo good.

    Race Around the World. The cool thing about being at the bottom of the planet is that you can go all the way around the planet on approximately the The station and everything else on top of the ice drifts at a rate of about 30 feet a year. A surveyor comes up and everything. At the time the pole is moved, the topper on the pole is also replaced.

    So everyone gathered around the old pole. The station manager, Marco, gave a lovely speech, and then we all passed the American flag to its new home.

    Alaska: Saga of a Bold Land

    It rarely snows: This is definitely a function of the temperature. Two-minute showers: All of our water comes from melted snow. And while there is lots of snow to melt, it takes very expensive fuel to melt it. So everyone in the station is allotted 2 two-minute showers a week. I got used to it pretty quickly, probably from all the time I spent living on boats and at summer camps.

    After leaving the ice in February, Jaime—and Graylan—traveled quite a bit. They spent the summer at Nebagamon, took a few boundary waters trips afterward, and then…. There was singing and crying and laughter and campfires. My soul was so full at the end of that weekend. I made the decision to return to the South Pole this year, for another austral summer season.

    And this year Graylan Vincent staff will be with me! It felt like coming home. Once I got in the building, it almost felt like I never left. Right now our station population is about 87 though it will increase throughout the summer back up to about people.

    Eagle | WiFly - A Wisconsin Flyfishing Blog

    There is no recreation coordinator here. We get to make our own fun. Graylan had the brilliant suggestion we do a jigsaw puzzle, so we went to the huge closet of games and puzzles in one of the lounges. It was after 7 pm, so I suggested a piece puzzle. Graylan insisted we dream big and grabbed a We sucked a couple of passersby in, plopped down in the galley, and finished just before midnight.